I've been too lazy and with little time to write - I'm back on the road. My internship is already finished and I'm now travelling in the north of Thailand. I will then go to Laos, Vietnam, will be shortly in Malaysia and back to Phuket. So, in the lack of words, I leave you with some pictures.

Bangkok - Chiang Rai, 22-28 March

Traffic jam, shopping malls...welcome to Bangkok

Bangkok skyline seen from the 37o. floor

At the Royal Palace in Bangkok
Royal Palace, Bangkok

Destruction on the margins of the Kok river (north of Thailand). They extract small stones from the bottom of the river for the construction industry. I´ve seen the same thing happening in the Amazon :(

Elephant ride. I had to hold on tight not to be thrown away. Despite all the eating in Thailand, I´m still quite light :)
Also, quite a lot of degradation here...

The Akha tribe, one of the many hill tribes living in the north of Thailand

Budhist temple at the top of the ¨Monkey Cave¨
The borderline between Thailand and Myanmar (or Burma)

The Golden Triangle. On my side (where I took the picture) it´s Thailand. On the right side, it´s Laos, and on the left, Myanmar. The meadow on the Myanmar side used to be an opium plantation

Throw a coin and it will end up at the Budha belly :S

At a famous temple in Sae Mae (if I´m not mistaken)

In Chiang-Khong, by the Mekong river. See the smokey sky? It´s the time of fires for plantations

The next day, I´ll be crossing to Laos, just there at the other side of the river, and take a 2-day boat trip to Louang Prabang. 

Until the next upload!