Friday, 2 March 2012

Eating, eating and eating!

Apart from seeing Thai people smiling all the time, you will also see them eating all the time. They do not necessarily have big meals, but they eat all day long. Here you will find a collection of the food delicacies I’ve been tasting since I arrived.

The very popular papaya salad (or Som Tam). There are several variations: with crab, shrimp, dried fish...

Fried noodles with vegetables. The food stall where I ordered this dish actually only sold noodles soup, but if you want something dry, they can always improvise ;)

Thai food is known to be quite spicy. In the South of Thailand, even more! It’s true, some food has literally taken me to tears, specially when it comes to curries. The red curry is to be avoided if you easily come to tears like me.

In every restaurant, they will serve you a dish with cucumbers and cabbage or soy (or what is it beans?) and Thai basil, like in this picture. These fresh vegetables always help to refresh your tongue from the red chilis!

Forget about fancy, air-conditioned restaurants, because you will always find just as tasty food at the markets and food stalls - and for a much better price. In every market there's at least one stall selling different parts of deep fried chicken. I think it's even more popular than papaya salad!

This lady knows the local preferences: she sells both fried chicken AND papaya salad

Here you can also find delicious fruits, especially mangoes! However, Thai people do not seem very found of fruits or sweets in general. They prefer whatever is sour and salty. The exception are the noodles: besides loads of red chili, they add sugar to it!

Mango, banana and tamarind. This is the sweetest mango I ever tasted - and mind you that my hometown in Brazil is known as "the mango tree city"

When they do eat sweets, guess what comes with it?? Sticky rice, of course! And I must say i love it! My favorite is the sticky rice with mango.

Thai sweets with sticky rice. The yellow one is with egg yolk, the orange, with coconut and the bown, with tapioca.

Oh, i could also post the pictures of the seafood, noodles, fried rice, ...but I would just continue torture you. So, till next time and ...
Bonne appetit! 

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