Sunday, 26 February 2012

Welcome to Ta Chatchai

Ta Chatchai is the name of the fishermen village where I'm living. It lies on the most northern portion of Phuket island. Local people have told me that in 1785, when the island was attacked by Burma (or Myanmar) and bravely defended through the leadership of two women, Ta Chatchai was used as an elephant base - in battles, defenders would ride elephants instead of horses.

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The village is actually divided in 2 parts: one to the left side of the road and the other to the right side. I live on the left side. Here you will find plants and dogs everywhere. The village has only 2 small groceries shop and  two really nice restaurants. And it has a beautiful bridge - the Sarasin Bridge - named after a Thai Romeo-and-Juliet true story. The only things Ta Chatchai is almost scarce of are tourists and water. I am as glad for first thing as I am sad for second.

On the left is the small hotel where I'm renting a room, on the right is the street where it's located

Tourists usually comes only for a few minutes, mostly in the the morning. The water fortunately comes for a little longer - a couple of hours in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening. Little after I arrived, a pipe that distributes the water around the village was broken and they were not able to find where exactly is the hole.

But I am very happy living in Ta Chatchai...especially after I visited the popular and hardly recommendable Patong beach the other day!

The Sarasin Bridge, connecting Phuket to the mainland

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